Coding… the new way of life?

This is something I am waiting for eagerly. If you have noticed or even been on Apple’s website recently they have this at the bottom of the page:

It’s called Swift Playgrounds

Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 9.52.29 PM

Here is the breakdown according to Apple:

“Swift Playgrounds is a revolutionary new app for iPad that makes learning Swift interactive and fun. Solve puzzles to master the basics using Swift — a powerful programming language created by Apple and used by the pros to build many of today’s most popular apps. Then take on a series of challenges and step up to more advanced creations. Swift Playgrounds requires no coding knowledge, so it’s perfect for students just starting out. It also provides a unique way for seasoned developers to quickly bring ideas to life. And because it’s built to take full advantage of iPad, it’s a first-of-its-kind learning experience.”

To me, it seem’s like Apple wants everyone, no matter the age, to get a jump start on the technological world and get into coding. I definitely cannot wait to get started with it.

Why don’t we look more into it, shall we? I think instead of seeing a bunch of different pictures, the best way to show is to watch a video, which I have already incorporated down below, so go check it out!



Swift Playgrounds



After watching the video and seeing what Apple has to offer I hope some of you are as excited as I am about this new coding app!

I personally have always wanted to learn code, but have never been able to primarily to its difficulty and lapse of time. But with Swift Playgrounds hopefully all of that can change!

Apple bringing BIG CHANGES

Today is a day filled with big news from Apple and I am excited to share it all with you. As you may have heard the WWDC16 is occurring from the 13th all the way through the 17th. Apple is bringing a lot of changes, and if you missed it I just want to give you a brief break down of what is going to be occurring in the up coming months!

Apple announced iOS 10, which will be coming this fall to the iPhone, iPad and iPod. A lot of different changes which I will pick a part for you shortly. Apple also announced macOS Sierra. If you read some of my previous posts you would know that the rumors were true and Apple did indeed dropped the famous OS X naming system and changed it to macOS.

iOS 10 “Big. Bold. Beautiful”

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 4.33.33 PM

After looking through some of the website, I noticed that a lot of the major features are coming directly to iMessage, if you think about it, it makes sense because I believe that is what users spend the most of their time on.

For instance here is an example of Write it Yourself, where it allows the user to write something and send it all at the control of your finger.

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 4.42.39 PM

There is a lot more! If you want to go check them out, click on any one of the pictures above and it will directly take you to the website, that will you will be able to interact with them and see what it’s all about.

iOS 10 is also bringing changes to Siri, which allow her to open up applications. I think this would be very useful, especially for all of you who use Siri on a daily basis, making multitasking to a whole new level. Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 4.50.03 PM

iOS devices will now even be able to pick up the iPhone and wake it up. Instead of always have to click a button to see what notification you got, simply picking it up will show you everything you need. Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 4.51.57 PM

There are plenty more features, probably even more than what will be displayed on the website and I cannot wait to try them all out this Fall.



macOS Sierra

The first and foremost is how they changed the name from OS X to macOS, which I think seems to make sense strictly because now it just goes along well with the product. There are a few changes coming to the macOS, one of the big ones being Siri.

  • Siri can do something for you while you are working on something else, taking multitasking to a whole new level.
  • Siri can locate files for you simply by just asking.
  • You can even ask it so many more things! Check it out below!

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 3.02.19 PM


I really cannot wait to try this out! The only problem is for those of you who have:

  • MacBook from late 2009 and later
  • MacBook Air from 2010 and later
  • MacBook Pro from 2010 and later
  • Mac Mini from 2010 and later
  • Mac Pro from 2010 and later
  • iMac from late 2009 and later

Apple is no longer supporting these systems. If you do not fall in the group of these products then it will definitely be something to try out when it releases.



I am excited about everything that Apple has planned and can’t wait to try it out. If you have any questions feel free to contact me or leave a comment below!


Apple’s next MacBook Pro? Something completely new?

It’s been a while since I’ve made a post, but it also has been quite some time since some good information has come out for me to be able to share with all of you. Now reports have been coming out and it seems like Apple has slowly revamped all of its devices, except for their MacBook Pro line, and that may change in the up and coming months.

According to an article recently released by MacRumor, Apple is planning on introducing a completely changed MacBook Pro line containing a Touch ID sensor along with an OLED display panel located above the keyboard. The OLED display will be implemented as a replacement for the traditional function keys. The touch bar would sit above the keyboard and would  “replace the physical function keys” that are currently at the top of the computer’s keyboard, according a 9to5Mac and Kuo report.

I’m not quite sure how I feel about getting rid of the traditional keyboard, I personally enjoy typing and feeling each and every key, but then again I may be too judgmental too quick. It would definitely have to be experienced in order to really grasp.

Other than that no other major changes are reported to occur as far as the news goes now. But I am anxiously anticipating the release of future products!

What do you think about the news? Any thoughts, comments concerns?

Apple Stocks? What does it mean?

Hey guys I know its been a while since my last post, but I thought this would be a good time to give you an update on Apple, myself, and even some friendly investment advice, so keep reading!

I’m sure many of you have seen in the news how Apple stocks have recently tanked, and yes I sold all of my shares just before the big drop happened, simply because I knew it was coming.

Well the reason it happened was because Apple has been a bit low on sales, and in this recent quarter report I believe they were roughly around 18% below where they were expected to be. Many share holders saw this coming and knew they wanted to take their money out before it was too late. I personally think Apple will continue this downtrend for a while, eventually it will be a good time to buy back in but it won’t be anytime soon.

If you’re reading this and don’t know much about stocks or even personal investment I think you should listen carefully. You should control your own life and your own wealth. Life is a continuous learning process, you make yourself become whatever you decide to put in. I honestly believe if you pick up as many books about stocks as you can, and learn, you can invest your own money. You will  make a lot more than just leaving it in a standard “savings account” or a “retirement fund.” I wouldn’t want anyone else being in control of my future, and if you’re really interested then shoot me an email and we can talk about it and I can show you the right path to follow.

Otherwise I do believe it will be a while before Apple bounces back, but I don’t doubt the company at all, it’s just how the market goes sometimes.

What do you think? Do you think Apple will make it back to the top or not?

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The Battle is on: Apple vs. Netflix

Are you even surprised? Apple has slowly been getting into every market, before you know it, Apple will be a competitor in just about everything. We know Apple has some great products such as the iPhone, iPad, MacBooks, Watches. Not too long ago they have begun to offer Apple Music to take on Spotify and Pandora. Now with the Apple TV, not only could get rid of DISH and DIRECTV, but they can even take on Netflix.

According to a report, Apple has begun to increase its presence in the Hollywood vicinity, that they may be offering a video subscription, service tied together with Apple Music. So basically you have have Spotify and Netflix combined together for one price, not only would it be cheaper but it would be perfected by Apple.

The report states this:

“In the weeks that followed, Apple execs were in Los Angeles hearing pitches for original TV series that it plans to launch on an “exclusives” app on Apple TV and within iTunes. Apple wants to work with “triple A-list” talent, according to a source, and build up a roster of must-see shows available only on its platform. Naturally, the talks have been veiled in the utmost secrecy. Producers who have met with Apple will refer to it only as the United Fruit Company.”

It looks like Apple is going after some high list talent and trying to make their own original TV series.

Even though I’m sure they have a lot of challenges to take on before this concept could take off, Apple is definitely getting started in the right direction.

What do you think of all this? Would you prefer to have a bundle of Apple Music and TV? Or will you just stick with Netflix and Spotify/Pandora?

Let me know your responses or any questions in comments below, and feel free to email me at Also don’t forget to follow for the latest news!


Bathroom Remodel made simple!

As you may have noticed from some of my previous posts I like to talk about Finances and Home Improvement and not just Technology all the time. I believe it’s the best for me to share all my advice on a variety of topics so that you can learn more! So enough talk about me, why don’t we just jump into the project.

The reason I wanted to redo my bathroom a little was because I just didn’t want it to look so plain, I wanted it to be classy and give it a much more of a professional tone. I mean just take a look below:


It looks so ordinary. The white sink, with a eggshell type vanity top, and the ancient faucet. I figured it was time for an upgrade so my first task was to replace the vanity top, and when doing any sort of work I decided to go to my local Menards and see what I could find. Fortunately for me I lucked out on a sale!

1. Choose a Vanity Top

They had two different granite types, the Golden Delight, and the Tan Brown, and with some helpful advice I decided to go with the Tan Brown dimensions being 37×22. I paid roughly $160.00 for the piece and it was an absolute steal, primarily because it included the sink and it was ready for install right out of the box.


I definitely think anyone looking to do this try and find some options at their local Menards, Lowes or even Home Depot, because you will save a lot of money. Also make sure to pick out a new faucet and that it is something you really like.  After picking out the new vanity top and faucet brings along my favorite part…


This is by far one of my favorite parts, there is nothing more fun than some demolition. First things first, make sure to turn off the water to your sink and have a bucket ready when you unhook the hoses. Last thing you need is to have water spraying around everywhere uncontrollably! After that undo the hoses, plumbing, and unscrew any screws that may be hooked up to the vanity top and or sink.

Now listen carefully. Your vanity top is most likely silicone or caulked and it won’t just come off very easily. I recommend very carefully cutting through the silicone/ calk to release some of that tension. Then pull up on the top and cut around any material holding it down. You have to be very careful with this, otherwise you will have to do some serious patching of wall chunks that were accidentally ripped out.

After it all, it should look like this, all nice and ripped out!


3. Tedious Repair and Repaint

Now comes the part you do not want to rush. You need to be very careful and very tedious. This is where you repair the wall and make it as ordinary as possible. The key is to make it look like nothing ever happened. That’s exactly what I did.


All you really need is some Spackle Repair, Spatula, and some sandpaper. Clean up any holes, rough spots or uneven spots, wait for it to dry, and then sand it down to be nice and even. All you have left is to paint the wall. After letting it dry it’ll be time to put on the new vanity top!


4. Time for the New Top

After everything has dried, it’s time to put on the new granite vanity top. Make sure to have a caulk gun, and some clear silicone. You’re going to want to put silicone done on all the edges of the vanity, and then put the vanity top down. After that, you’ll also want to silicone the back of the small backsplash piece and put that down on the main piece.To finish it off, silicone the edges along the wall and sides, this way it gives it a clean look and also prevents water ever getting to the wall. It should look like this:



5. Hook Everything Up

You are almost there, not much left to do besides hook up the new faucet and plumbing. It is important to have some plumbing tape when you are hooking up the pipes and faucet, this just helps prevent from any sort of leaking. Other than that, the instructions that came with your faucet should be enough to help you set that up. After all that it’s time to turn the water on, clean up and look at your finish product!

My turned out fantastic and a greater improvement than what I had before, wouldn’t you say so?



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Apple just freshened up their MacBook line

You better believe that Apple is slowly starting to make changes to all their products and the first is the 12 inch Retina Macbook line of laptops.

The first thing I would like to mention is how they’ve added another color to choose from. Instead of the very common silver color that you see everywhere, Apple has now introduced Rose Gold to their variety of colors as can be seen below. This is really allowing users to be able to customize their products more to their liking.  

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 1.55.02 PM

On top of the color section they have also boosted up their processors. The new MacBooks include options of:

  1. 1.1GHz dual-core Intel Core m3 processor (Turbo Boost up to 2.2GHz) with 4MB L3 cache
  2. 1.2GHz dual-core Intel Core m5 processor (Turbo Boost up to 2.7GHz) with 4MB L3 cache
  • All of which are configurable to 1.3GHz dual-core Intel Core m7 processor (Turbo Boost up to 3.1GHz) with 4MB L3 cache.

Nothing quite makes life easier when a device is quick and snappy. Apple is really on point with this upgrade.

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 2.03.58 PM


It comes in two primary variations:

  1. $1299, you can get a Retina MacBook with a 1.1 GHz processor, 8 GB of memory and 256 GB storage.
  2. A more expensive $1599 configuration is also available with a faster processor and 512 GB of flash memory.

With the new processors and other slight internal components the new Macbook is supposed to get a better battery life. Including up to 10 hours wireless, 11 hours iTunes movie playback, and up to 30 days of standby time.

I hope this gave you plenty of information regarding the new upgrades so you know the big differences. If you have any questions feel free to comment below or email me at and don’t forget to subscribe for more news in the simplest form!

Facebook Bots AKA App Killers

I’m sure many of you are familiar with Facebook, I mean honestly who really isn’t. It’s where you stay connected with your friends and family, sharing pictures and life time memories.

Now what if Mark Zuckerberg planned on changing it and changing the way you interact with Apps? See Zuckerberg believes that individuals are suffering from app overload and he has devised a solution, and he refers to it as chatbots. 

According to Wall Street Journal, Chatbots—or bots, for short—are stripped-down software agents that understand what you type or say and respond by answering questions or executing tasks. Apple’s Siri is a bot, and so is Amazon’s Alexa. To Zuckerberg and Facebook, bots are a fresh alternative to apps.

See the thing is, they allow a way to connect the company’s business partners with its 1.9 billion Messenger and WhatsApp users. The key is Facebook bots have an added bonus: They run in the background on the company’s Messenger service. Meaning there are no apps to download. Users get convenience, and Facebook gets to challenge Apple and their massive app store.

It would be very interesting to not have to download an app for every business and to try an even multitasks through numerous apps at once. Not only would that save storage on phones but it would also make life a lot easier.

Maybe what Zuckerberg has planned isn’t too bad, I’m not entirely sure, what do you think?

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Be ready… iPhone 7= BIG Changes

As many of you know it is anticipated that Apple will release its iPhone 7 this Fall, primarily because that just happens to be the pattern. The thing is, with this new iPhone and all of the leaks that have been occurring we may expect to see some BIG changes.

So why don’t we just jump right into it!

Headphone Jack? Gone.

First thing that everyone has been going crazy about is the fact that Apple may just be getting rid of the Headphone Jack entirely. Yes I know it may be a bit shocking but I think you need to see all the benefits in this.

For starters the bottom of the iPhone may just look like this:



I bet most of you are going into a panic because all of your headphones have the standard 3.5 mm jack since that has just been the norm for so many years, but there honestly are some perks.

  1. The first thing is the fact that there will be more room for internal components since headphones would be connected through the lighting port.
  2. The analog headphone jack is only capable of delivering CD-quality sound.  The lightning port would allow for headphones with integrated digital-to-analog converters and amplifiers meaning better audio quality.
  3. A thinner iPhone, and capability of using OLED screens.
  4. A possibility for wireless charging. There will be no way to be able to listen to music and charge phone at the same time, so this may lead to wireless charging being implemented.

When you think about it, it really isn’t that bad getting rid of the headphone jack. Honestly I’m sure they’ll even have converters made just like they did when they changed over to the Lightning Port entirely. So don’t fret! Apple will make sure all the customers are happy!


OLED Display

Apple has reportedly made a 2.6 billion dollar deal with Samsung to supply OLED screens for new iPhones meaning the good ole days of the LCD will be gone.


The future then with these screens may just be endless, especially with their ability to be curved and manipulated. It may not show up in the iPhone 7 but it does predict its possibility for the future. This may mean that all of you techies out there who had no problems with cracked screens because you just replaced them yourself may have a little more trouble since the expense on OLED displays may be a little more costly.



The next big thing that Apple may incorporate is a Dual Camera. There have been many leaked images and I will show you a few here below.



I know it’s a bit bizarre isn’t it? Why would they bring in a dual camera system?

According to MacRumor:
“Last year Apple acquired an Israeli camera company called LinX Imaging. LinX dual-lens technology offers several potential benefits for the iPhone 7.  With a dual-lens camera system, images captured would be clearer and brighter, allowing for pictures to include more detail, especially in low light conditions with the possibility of a  2-3x optical zoom capabilities. All of this narrowing the gap between photos taken with the iPhone and those taken with a more renown DSLR cameras.”

Check out this youtube video for a more well rounded idea of this whole concept:


I think the iPhone 7 will be a game changer for the endless possibilities that may come along with it, and we will just have to wait and see what Apple will have to offer!

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Apple planning on killing OS X?

I was flipping through some articles like I do any other day and I came across this rather interesting one to say the least and I thought I would share it all with you.

There have been rumors saying Apple has been planning on dropping the name OS X name for a while now, but it could actually be true!

See the thing is, Apple and its other operating systems all follow a different style: productOS. For example: The Apple Watch runs watchOS, the iPhone and iPad run iOS, and the Apple TV has tvOS. The only one that is different is Apple’s line of MacBooks, Macs, and Mac Pros which all run OS X. BUT they are expected to change.

New documentation from Apple strongly suggests the name OS X is expected to be dropped and replaced with MacOS.

This was discovered by 9to5mac and their proof is right below:

As you can see they change the name to MacOS, and then ended up changing and deleting it later on. It must have been accidental, but I think it shows where the future is going, and that MacOS is going to be adopted by Apple as its new brand for their Operating System.

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